Alien Blaster is Unique, yet the Alien is not?

Anyone else find it a little odd that the Alien is not a “Unique” model while the Alien Blaster is?


How I am planning to resolve this on the grounds that I have several Aliens is that I intend to use the Alien Blaster as a non-unique weapon with the Alien models, but if equipped to any other faction I will be considering it a Unique weapon.

Does anyone know if this was a mistake on Modiphius’ part? Or maybe it was by design?

The Alien Blaster is not unique for any Aliens using them as stated in the FAQ.

Q. The Alien Blaster weapon shows it is unique. What if I
have multiple Aliens?
A: The Unique icon is ignored on any Alien Blaster weapons
equipped by Alien models. The Alien Blaster is only Unique for
non-Aliens. If one or more Aliens have Alien Blasters is a game,
non-Aliens can still have one Unique Alien Blaster as usual.

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Thank you. Guess I was calling it right, but just hadn’t dug far enough into the rules and such to find the official ruling on it.

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Seems likely it could be a faction special rule when they get around to Mothership Zeta. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I really want some aliens for the game. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe even do a small range of them. A core box with a leader, two combatants, two scientists, and a couple of drones, plus a couple of expansion boxes, one with a group of 4-5 aliens (Probably one heavy weapon, two blasters, two scientists) and another that gives a pair of drones.

I’m all for more aliens. :wink: