Hollywood Heroes stat card typos?

Seems to be a few missing icons on the stat profiles for the new TV show minis.

Lucy: Tranquilizer Pistol seems to be missing an effect icon to trigger the Action point - what symbol triggers the quick action?
(Not typo-related but she also seems very overcosted compared to similar units)

The Ghoul: Where does the +1 to PER come from (assuming it’s an Outfit Ability from The Ghoul’s Outfit)? His profile is also missing CHR Presence range/icon.


I just hope they add them as always: Unit cards (in Wave 10 or maybe a downloable PDF apart).
It is fine to have some default profiles, but just as an add-on of the original cards, so we can play as usual in FWW, equipping some stuff on them (not the default gear), or using them as AI/enemy…


Also does the heavy assault rifle miss the slow fire symbol? Even the light machine gun has it

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we haven’t gotten a staff response here for almost 5 months. I think they don’t want to track questions anymore via the forums and want that google forum to be used which means we only get responses when they decide to update errata which took about 3 years last time.

I was hopeful the TV show hype would bring the mods back. Dom, why have you forsaken us?!

At least, all the mistakes I notified here about the Nuka World book were fixed in the last errata PDF :sweat_smile: but no one answered here, so maybe someone is reading!

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I still don’t understand why they don’t edit the pdf’s on the downloads page and then upload the corrected version instead of leaving the documents with mistakes. It’s not like they don’t have the original documents. (like giving the Raiders a Thrown Weapons icon since they’re all armed with grenades or other thrown weapons). Instead, I got a reply that they’re not going to fix the document and upload a corrected version, instead they insisted the corrected version will be in Astoundingly Awesome Tales #2, promise!
I would be embarrassed to keep a known faulty document, especially after dozens of people point it out.
I ain’t got time to read a 50 page thick errata document, fix the original, instead of being lazy.


I am really afraid of the wasteland warfare future. They even stopped playtesting…

Factions will be good as long as james is on board…

It is so simple, you need less than 5 minutes to fix the PDF and update it.
I updated all the Armor ratings in the card unit PDF (a PDF editor) in less than 1 hour (before any official Unit PDF, wich seems wrong, with a Behemoth with -/-/X rating).
If they continue this way, they are going to get a huge errata document… And it becomes messy.

This would be normal if you have released only physical copies, but if you have them available as PDF… Also, IMO, I think they need to improve this quality control, because Nuka World book has been released with a lot of mistakes, you can fix the PDF (but they don’t), but you cannot fix all the physical copies bought… It is normal some little mistakes, but this time were a lot, in the book and the cards. I think the proofreading was not enough…

It seems FWW is being “slowered”

Yeah jon even mentioned on reddit that stls are ready for approval but the new them needs to prioritize them…

The rules forum has been abandoned. I asked about it in the official discord, and got this answer: Discord

Thanks. So there it is. The forum is officially dead :frowning:

Yes, they are releasing the products like Nuka World, without being totally refined, since the last year, I mean without a good proofreading work.
If I should upload a form each time I noticed an errata…
It is a waste if time.
To be honest, it was a waste of time already when I have to lose time writing, asking and answering (at least people could look for ir and you have an official answer), but if you cannot ask or leave the mistakes here… You have to fill forms secretly for every single mistake… Really?

No, thanks, I don’t work for the company (maybe if I would get a webstore discount😅)

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To be clear, it seems like the main forum is still up and running. Just that this rules forum is not being actively monitored or having rulings made from it.

they have? that’s crazy.

Same as here since nuka world… forum is abandoned