I need details on the Better Crit perk, please

Better Critical perk reads:

“When you inflict one or more points of damage to an enemy, you may spend 1 Luck Point to automatically inflict a critical hit, causing an injury.”

Does this mean that the damage required for a critical is given also when the Luck is spent? So if you hit for 1 damage and spend your point of luck does it raise the damage required for a critical to 5 (or 7 in certain cases) or does this perk simply give the critical “injury” and not extra damage?

Just causes the Injury is my reading of it.

The damage is what (normally) determines if a hit is a critical. Thus making the hit acritical with this perk would not change the damage dealt.

Thanks for the feedback, I have a couple of munchkins in my game so I like to hear outside opinions, heh.

You have my sympathy.