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Critical damage and injuries

Sorry guys if that question has already been asked but I’m mastering my first session tomorrow and I can’t find any answers :

When a character gets 5+ damage on, let’s say, torso he gets also an injury on that location. Right. Now, next turn, again critical hit on torso. What do we do ?

  • The effect of the injury doesn’t seem to be cumulative but maybe we can count the total injuries on that location, so in this case : 2. The medic will have to treat the torso 2 times (even if the effects are only for 1 injuriy, which are +2CD at the end of each of his turn)
  • That location is already injured, so ignore the second injury.
  • Move the second injury to another body location ?

What would you do in that situation ?
Thanks guys !

I must say I was also searching for the clarification on these.
With how the things are worded in the last edition it looks like you can have unlimited numbers of injuries on one body part. The difficulty to heal grows with each injury (now, I am not sure injuries in total or just the amount of injuries on that body part).
There were two stages of wounds in closed BETA but the new book seems to remove that.
Now it looks like there is just a single effect of an injury but the number of injuries on the same location increases the healing difficulty.

  • I don’t think ignoring subsequent injuries is a way to go.
  • I don’t think moving second injury to a different body part is valid at this point since you can suffer 5 points of damage (1 injury) but then also get to 0 HP (second injury and it doesn’t say you should reroll the location). Actually rolling location comes before you calculate if there is an injury after all.

So, I would either stick to the first option (as in the latest book)
maybe stay with BETA where you can have 2 injury states ( Woun­ded and Crippled)

The way I’ve been doing it.

Suffering the first injury in an area has the listed effect. Subsequent injuries to the same location are noted for purposes of healing difficulty but don’t have the effect listed. This stops called shots to the head from stun locking an enemy and characters from bleeding out from 2+ chest injuries.

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