A few questions about difficulties and injuries

  1. Does the difficulty cap of 5 apply before or after any modifiers? Is it D5 and then then reduced by Perks or Equipment or would it be D7, then modified and if still higher than 5 reduced to 5.
  2. Do Injury effects stack? If a character has 2 Torso injuries do they bleed for 2CD or for 4CD?
  3. If a character has multiple injuries to a location does each one need to be treated to negate the effect? If a character has 3 injuries to their right arm, do all three need to be treated for them to be able to use the arm?
  1. Difficulty maxes out at 5 period. I would call increases and decreases to difficulty as applying at the same time. So if you would effectively have a D7 with a 1 difficulty decrease, it would effectively be D6, which is higher than the cap, so you would use D5 instead.
  2. By RAW no. You could potentially extend the duration by layering it on next turn, but it doesn’t work that way. I think it should, but it doesn’t read that way, and I saw another thread asking the same question and the devs came on and said it doesn’t.
  3. Same thing. RAW says no, but it’d be better to handle it that way IMO.
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