Harm and difficulty

Quick question everyone:

If a character takes 2 points of harm (either 2 wounds or 2 trauma), what happens with the difficulty.?

a) difficulty increases by 1 on all relevant attributes?
b) increases by 2 because the character suffered two wounds?

Thanks in advance guys

I would say the difficulty increases by two steps, once for each Harm.

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+1 on dat!

If it is 2 wounds then difficulty on physical skill checks is increased by 2. If 2 trauma then the same for mental/personality based checks. If it is split between them then all skill checks have their difficulty increased by 1.

Official Answer:

Each Wound you have increases the Difficulty of all tests using Agility, Brawn, or Coordination by +1. So, two Wounds means +2 Difficulty. This caps out at +3, as the fourth Wound leaves you incapacitated.

Similarly, each Trauma you have increases the Difficulty of all tests using Intelligence, Personality, and Willpower by +1, so two Trauma means +2 Difficulty on those tests. Again, this caps out at +3, as the fourth Trauma incapacitates a character.


And because base difficulty on most undefended attacks is 1, taking 1 wound and then attacking makes difficulty 2 base.