Wounds and difficulty increase

Hello there, a newbie question about Wounds. It is not entirely clear about how much difficulty increase Wounds impose upon characters. Is it +1 difficulty per Wound?

I understood that yes. For each harm, the related tests see their difficulty increased by 1. I don’t have the rulebook there, but affected tests depend whether physical or mental harm.

Edit : found it, p 119-120.

Edit : correcting page number.

Thank you. Tried finding it in the book but there was no mention of an exact number, but it sounds most logical to have it per Wound.

@Christoffer As Fredowulf mentioned it is on Page 119.

Each Harm increases the Difficulty of all affected skill tests: each type of damage inflicting Harm affects different tests by one Difficulty step.

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By the way, don’t forget that PCs and Nemeses can decide not to suffer the difficulty increase of a certain type of Harms for one scene for the price of 1 Fortune point (they are still permanently disabled if they take 5 Harms of the same type).

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Super thanks! I must have somehow skipped that part during my 3 previous read-throughs :grin:

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Don’t forget there’s a cap of 5 difficulty too.