Really Dumb Request for Clarification on Damage Application

If a character has their Resolve or Vigor reduced to 0 by damage and later takes a single additional damage point, it becomes 1 Harm. Correct?
(This would be the case if 2,3 or 4 points of damage were taken but at a 5th, they would take 2 Harm, one for taking damage with Vigor/Resolve at 0 and the other normally for 5 damage at once.)

Yes. If Vigor or Resolve is 0 each damage is now a Harm. Not good :slight_smile:
If the damage is done by Intense weapon or there is treated wound, things get from bad to worse


I think I ran into some difficulties too about this.
So, the character has 10 Vigor.
Was struck by 5 damage, which caused 1 wound. Vigor is now 5.
The character received 4 damage, Vigor is 1 now.
5 more damage, 0 Vigor, and two wounds. One because of the 5 damage, and one, because Vigor went down to 0.
Three wounds in total. I am good so far. The part, which I do no get comes now.
If the character is struck by 1 damage now, that will be +1 Wound, 4 in total.
If the character is struck by 2 damage, then +2 Wounds (3 damage +3 wounds and etc…), because every damage with 0 vigor is now a Wound? So death in this case.

Just to clarify:

If you have any number of stress, and you take damage that would bring you down to 0, you take 1 Harm. If that damage exceeds 5, after armour and all that, you have 2 Harm.

If you have 0 Stress and you take ANY number of damage, you have 1 Harm. If that damage Exceeds 5, after armour and all that, you have 2 Harm.


I see. So if the damage is 1-4 with 0 Vigor, then 1 Harm, if the damage is 5+ then 2 Harms.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile: