Infinity- Harm clarification

Hi there,

I just wanted to check how this worked.

So you receive harm if you have suffered 5 points of damage or the stress of the relative defense has been reduced to 0.

My question is regarding the 5 points of damage…does the harm come into affect when at least 5 points of damage has been done over all. Eg taking two points in one turn, then three in another would result in a harm?.

Or does the harm happen when 5 points of damage of been done in one attack, like some kind of critical hit?.


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If you receive 5 or more damage in one attack you take one Harm. But only if it’s the same attack. If you receive 5 points of damage in the same turn, but they resulted from several different attacks, they count as regular damage, untill stress is reduced to zero.


Thank you !, i had suspected but wanted to double check.

double checking is always a good idea

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