Wounds and trauma

Want to see if I understand this right.

For example, if someone loses 5 in vigor it causes the character to suffer 1 wound. And if the same characters vigor also drops to 0 it causes the character to suffer one additional wound.

If you lose 10 in vigor, then its 2 wounds right?

What I don’t understand is how it works after that. Don’t you need to roll damage after the vigor is at 0, is a hit automatically 1 wound? Or is it that the damage roll must be 5 or over for it to inflict a wound?

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10 vigour loss is 1 wound ( 5 or more damage in one go)
10 vigour loss when the target has -say- 7 left would be 2 wounds.

If they are on 0 vigour, and tale 1 to 4 damage they take 1 wound. If they take 5+ damage they take 2 wounds.

Below is the summary I have in Realm Works for DETERMING DAMAGE phase:

  • Roll the appropriate number of § (Combat Die) and add the damage dealt.
  • Reduce damage by Soak.
  • Reduce current Stress (Vigor or Resolve) by the remaining damage.
  • If 5 points of Stress are taken, the character takes a Harm (Wound or Trauma).
  • If Stress is at 0 or becomes 0 the character takes 1 Harm (Wound or Trauma).
  • If 5 points of Stress are taken and Stress is at 0 or becomes 0, the character takes 2 Harms.

So just to clarify.

If stress is at 0 and you take 1 damage you suffer one wound?

Then if your at 0 stress and take 5 damage you suffer 2 wounds?

And further if your at 0 stress and take 10 damage you will suffer 3 wounds?

The maximum wounds you can take from single attack is 2: if the damage is 5 after soaking and this reduces you to 0 OR if you are already at 0 and the damage is 5 after soaking.

This is how I interpret the rules. There is no “for each” in the wording, therefore 1 or 2 wounds max. Wounds are very dangerous :slight_smile:

Ok, I think that it would have been good if it whas written in the rulebook as a note that the max amount of wounds fore one attack is 2.

If the weapon has the Intense Quality, it can technically inflict up to 3 Wounds.

Ok, how does that work?

The Intense quality simply inflicts one extra Harm (Wound or Trauma, as applicable) if you inflict one or more Harms. So, if you inflict 5+ damage with an Intense weapon like an axe, you’ll inflict 2 Wounds - one for 5+ damage, plus the extra one for Intense.

And if that 5+ damage would reduce the target’s Vigor to 0, you would inflict 3 Wounds (one for 5+ damage, one because Vigor is reduced to 0 and one for Intense)

Ah I see, sounds like that would hurt a lot :dizzy_face:

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Can one use the Killing Strike talent simultaneously with Intense? If one can, Intense seems a bit op: the poleaxe has Intense and Piercing 1 to go against the Vicious 1 and 1 cd of the greatsword. Most creatures have at least 1 Soak so piercing is not much worse than vicious, that leaves 1 cd versus Intense. (The sword is also more readily available but that doesn’t matter much in the battlefield.) It seems to me that “activating Intense costs 2 Momentum” is already enough of a balancing factor for 1cd, axe-users should not routinely inflict 3 wounds per strike. Did I miss something?

I feel like for programming purposes, this last condition is redundant: " * If 5 points of Stress are taken and Stress is at 0 or becomes 0, the character takes 2 Harms."

You might also want to add a line that if Stress is <0 set Stress to 0.

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Haha, I agree with you. This is the logic I would implement in FG ruleset for example if I ever reach this phase.:smiley:

I’m just adding this to clarify a point. Once you have been reduced to 0 vigor how are wounds handled? Any damage equals a wound? Is the character unconscious? I know this is probably in the book but I had a debate with a player the other day and I’m hoping for clarification.

If you’re at 0 vigor, then any time you would take 1+ damage (after armour, cover, etc) inflicts a Wound; 5+ damage to someone at 0 vigor inflicts 2 Wounds (one for 1+ damage when at 0, one for 5+ damage in one go). You’re not unconscious at that point, but your stamina is depleted and your ability to defend yourself is severely compromised.

The same applies to resolve as well - both physical and mental attacks function the same way mechanically.

So if your at 4 vigor and take 5 damage would you take 3 wounds? I mean first you take 5 damage that’s 1 wound, then +1 wound because vigor drops to 0. After the vigor of 4 is reduced to 0 thers 1 damage left then that point of damage would cause 1 more wound making it a total of 3 wounds?

It will be 2x Wounds. Check above the conditions. If the weapon has Intense, then there will be one extra Wound for fun.

Ok so you ignore the damge that’s left in the attack that brings the vigor down to 0?

Yes, the Vigor can’t be negative. Vigor at 0 means that you are out of options to shrug off or avoid real damage. You start getting Wounds now and each wound increases the difficulty of physical tasks with 1 degree.

If you have 2 Wounds… all your physical tasks automatically increase with 2. Climb with difficult 1 becomes 3 and etc. Same principle is for the mental stress - Resolve and Trauma.