Recovery of vigor

In an action scene when your vigor is gone, it’s gone unless you spend momentum to heal it correct? So when you go to say 1 vigor get hit and take damage to 0, you take a wound. Then you can spend momentum to get to 1+, get hit again and take another wound? Can this cycle continue on and on until 4 wounds and unconscious?


Well- recovery action will heal 2 + momentum…

Remind players that they can spend a fortune to recover ALL vigour as well…
Losing all your vigour is baaad!

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Thanks Cranky, I appreciate your help. Getting ready to run my first session tomorrow and even though I have been running games for 40 years, I still get nervous with the first one.


I’d like to know how it goes! I’d like to keep comparing notes on our games, either on a new thread or over at Experienced GM/New to 2d20.

I will keep in touch, I am going to run the Pit of Kutallu and I will let you know how it goes. Good idea to compare notes on our games. Let’s keep it at Experienced GM. Cheers my brother.

Actually, that would be cool. I’ll be following your progress!