Questions on Bonus Damage, Wounds, Fortune Points, Second Wind and Bonus Momentum

  1. Bonus damage conferred by Attributes (Brawn or Awareness) is not mechanically the same as bonus damage bought with Momentum, am I correct? I.e. +1CD vs +1 dmg (the first table on p119 vs the table on p118)

  2. What is supposed to happen when a PC received 4 wounds (and doesn’t have enough Fortune Points to Overcome a Weakness)? Are they out of the entire combat, and will have to wait until the combat is over to receive healing? And once combat is over, can they treat themselves or do they require another character to treat them? (P121-122)

  3. I’m trying to understand the spirit and intention of the Influence the Story Fortune Point Momentum Spend. Are there any mechanical limitations? Or is this wholly up to the GM to decide? E.g. can a player invoke it after he receives damage and say something like the, “the arrow so happens to pierce the book I was carrying so I receive one less Vigor damage”?

  4. Second Wind is listed as Immediate in the Combat Momentum Spends table. So can it be activated outside of skill tests, or not? I.e. does the rule for Combat Momentum Spends (p118) override the general rule regarding Immediate Momentum (p102)?

For combat and tests that involves the melee or ranged weapons skills will give you the momentum spends you can use for the table on page 118. Displays will also count towards this for some uses. You can also use the shared momentum pool to access combat momentum spends.

They only way another non combat skill test could contribute to combat momentum spends if you add your extra successes to the shared momentum pool.

The Ranged Weapons talent has trick shot that adds a bonus momentum to you when attacking. you can add +1d20, use that momentum for penetrating, but not use it for extra damage as the talent states.

Some circumstances may merit skills gaining combat momentum say using a climbing kit and climbing out of the reach of a Sabertooth tiger and use a Swift Action spend to get to higher branches where the beasts weight won’t support it should be a valid use in my estimation.

I hope this helps you with most of your questions. Others on the forums are very knowledgeable and may chime in on anything I miss or to clarify things further.

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What Feond said ^^

Thanks. I screwed up my reading of p101 regarding Combat Momentum Spends, so there was no contradiction after all.

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Regarding question 2, what if you only have 1-3 Harms? Do you still need an ally to heal your Wounds/Traumas or can you help them yourself?

you can use healing outside of combat to heal them yourself…just remember that if they have taken mental trauma- that will increase the chance at success

Oh, how so? I must have missed this rule.

By the way, just want to clarify that the rule on p118 regarding Action Scene Momentum Spends means that you are not allowed to make Action Scene Momentum Spends unless you you succeed enough in a skill test during combat to generate at least 1 point of Momentum. Is this an accurate reading of the rule?

If so, does this mean that, for example, you missed a shot, or you succeed but did not generate a Momentum point, you can’t activate Swift Action even though you have 2 saved Momentum in the pool?

that is correct


If you have a mental trauma and use a skill that uses any of the mental stats intelligence, Awareness, Personality, or Willpower you will have a +1 to your difficulty per trauma when using skills that involve those specific abilities.


Ah, reduce the chance of success. I was confused when he said “increase”.