Clarification Momentum Spends in Combat

New Conan GM here. While reading through the Core Rulebook and the FAQ document there is one thing I do not 100% get.
When it comes to Action Scene Momentum Spends (p. 118) in Combat like “Bonus Damage” or “Break Guard” I assume that the player con use Momentum rolled in the attack roll as well as Momentum from the Momentum Pool.
But am I also correct in assuming that the player CANNOT pay this in Doom points? Except for, in this case, “Second Wind” which is an Immediate Momentum Spend?
The FAQ states that “Immediate spends are the only spends that a player can purchase with Doom.”

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yes, exactly. If the Momentum spend does not explicitly state that it is an “Immediate” spend, you cannot make it by generating Doom instead of spending Momentum from the skill test or the Group Momentum Pool.
There are only a few Momentum spends that can be made by generating Doom.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply.