Group Momentum and the extra damage spend

Can Group Momentum be used for the extra damage spend or is it only for momentum earned on a successful combat check?

In my group I have a player with lots of Melee Talents and a decent strength who likes to cash all the group momentum in on a single damage roll which is usually more than enough to zero out practically any Nemesis. Is this rules as intended because I recently saw someone mention that the extra damage spend is only for Momentum earned on the attack it was generated on and not for Group pool spends but I couldn’t find anything further on it. Any help here would be great. Thanks.

Look @ what type of Momentum it is. If its NOT Immediate, its not «group».


Group can be used for either. Immediate just means you don’t need a successful skill test to make the spend. It doesn’t specify where it comes from.

If they have 6 momentum saved up and the fighter in question succeeds in their attack they can increase damage by 6 if they want.

This is one of the weakest spends in my opinion.

Page 102, core rules.

Saving Momentum.

During any successful skill test, a character may spend Momentum saved in the group pool instead of or in addition to any points generated from the successful skill test itself, spending from either or both as desired.


What Ogedei says is 100% accurate. There are far better ways for the warrior to spend that much momentum but if that is what they want and the group is ok with it then they can have at it.

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