When can I spend Fortune Points?

I haven’t been able to find anything on this but it would seem the rules for Fortune Points suggest that they can be spent out of turn. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


It depends on what it’s being spent on. Adding dice, taking a second action would be on the players turn. Adding information to a story could be spent on a turn or outside a turn.


I should have included the reason I asked, that’s on me, sorry. I had a player want to use a Fortune point to recover all of his Vigor out of turn because he was going to be attacked again before his turn came up. I just wasn’t sure if this was rules as intended.

I would allow it.

Recover vigor as a momentum spend is Immediate and so can be paid for “freely as soon as they are required.” and is called “SECOND WIND”

The fortune spend is also called “SECOND WIND”

I see them as related and the fortune spend being an extension of the momentum spend, which can be done at any time.


Looks legit, indeed.


Fortune can be spent at any time that it is appropriate. It is supposed to be a powerful tool for the PCs utilize to add to the story or create opportunities. Certain spends are only appropriate at certain times, like adding dice for a roll for instance. Other spends are good basically whenever, like story declarations which are designed to give the pcs a chance to create opportunities where one is slim or doesn’t exist.

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I want to see people spending Fortune to influence scenes and not for those mechanical benefits. This is much more powerful option than few successes here or there. :smiley:


I 100% agree. I’m always excited to have my players use it for that and I try to always reward it with something significant.