Fortune in Quickstart versus Player's Guide

Hello, just wonder if how often Fortune can be spent was changed between the Quickstart and the Player’s Guide. The Quickstart (page 13) states “Each player may only spend one Fortune point per scene.” However, the Player’s Guide (page 23) states “You can only spend one Fortune point per skill test, or per round in combat.” Am I correct that this has changed or am I mis-reading.

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It did change. Which was a very necessary change.

In a typical non-combat scene, the former limit of 1 Fortune per scene did work well enough.
But in a combat scene, characters make a lot more dice rolls and have much more often the need to spend a Fortune point. Some of the Fortune spends - like re-rolling damage dice - would not be as attractive, if you need to keep the Fortune point to survive getting defeated. So those spends would be useless.

The new wording, allowing to spend once per skill test (so several times in even a non-combat scene) or once per round of combat (not once per whole combat scene) make them a much better fit to the heroic pulpy character of A!C.


Yes, this is a deliberate change.


Also note that page 37 of the Player’s Guide notes the incorrect rule of once per scene.

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