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"In action scenes a character can only use Momentum once in any round."

“In action scenes a character can only use Momentum once in any round.”

What does this rule mean? Does this mean if I spent momentum to gain dice to hit I can’t spend more to gain dice for damage? That if I spend momentum for extra actions I can’t spend it to succeed on those actions?

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I watched the videos of the game that Virginia ran and I didn’t see any sign of this limit on spending momentum.

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Thank you for watching the videos!

We elected to use not have the momentum once per round rule during the game to speed up the combat and make things more dynamic. you can always ask your GM to elect to do this, as I find it makes the combats a lot faster.

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Can you elaborate on what the rule means? The book has no example. It sounds like someone can either use momentum to hit or to do damage. Or use it to succeed at a roll to search a scene for basic information but then cannot use momentum to buy additional information. Is that intended? It seems weird having played Conan and Star Trek Adventurers.

It only applies during combat: You can only use Momentum for one action in a round - getting more dice to attack, for more dice for damage, for counterattacking, etc. When you are out of combat, you can spend it freely as you have it.

HOWEVER, this limit does not apply for Doomed. Feel free to spend as much doom as you like for all actions that can be swapped with momentu,.

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So if you take 2 conflict actions the second you can’t use momentum for? Does that include the momentum to gain the second action?

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Are you saying that a character can spend Momentum to gain an extra die or three to make the attack but can’t spend any Momentum, either already in pool or gained through the attack, to cause additional damage to the target? That…just doesn’t seem right.

I agree with you here, as I’ve already house ruled this to work the way you folks and Virginia did it in the games on video. To be honest, makes more sense to me that way.


Yes You can only use momentum for one part. If you use it for the attack you can’t use it for the damage. This is because you can always spend Doom instead of momentum for things like adding dice to attack, so you may want to swap that over instead.

And yes please feel free to house rule that out of the way - the game is entirely up to you.

Doom? Are you sure? Conan has Doom, but John Carter does not.

Hullo, Lloyd,

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

I assume that you mean Threat here for John Carter of Mars, not Doom, right?

So if I buy 3 dice to hit and roll really well to hit and have 5 momentum I can’t use that to deal more damage? Even if I’m just using the momentum from my roll to enhance my results.

It feels like it prevents the player from reaping the rewards of their rolls.

On the other hand it keeps the Narrator with a flow of threat. That increase the need for the Narrator to spend it.

I think I’d reserve that rule for when the players are actively trying to starve the Narrator of threat.

Yes I meant threat. I keep making that mistake. sorry! (Please don’t kill me Boss!) Also, like I said, feel free to rule it either way you wish. I find personally that giving them more momentum spend things mean the combat moves a little more freely.

I haven’t tried it yet but it looks like this version of the system will generate more double successes than Conan or Star Trek so I think I can see how the rule can keep the Narrator from going a long time with no threat. I will look more closely at it before I house rule it away. I hate house ruling something without trying it as written.

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Something else occurs to me here…

Since it costs Momentum to disarm a character, or to have their weapon tossed a certain distance away, does this mean that using the Momentum rules as written, if a character spends Momentum in the round to gain bonus d20s to the attack, they actually can’t disarm the foe? (Unless they use Threat?)


Yes that is correct.

Hullo, Lloyd,

Thanks very much for the confirmation. It makes things more…interesting, to be sure. :slight_smile: