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Spending Momentum to move an additional range

Does the player need to generate at least 1 Momentum on their turn in order to activate this?

If the answer is yes, would this mean that the PC would have to make an attack or a test first before they can move (with the extra range)?

They could spend from their pool as far as I know

Is it an Immediate spend?

I’m not aware of such a distinction in John Carter. I believe that was replaced by the rule you can only use momentum once per round, and have to add threat after that.

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Here’s what the book says on page 64:

When moving during an action scene:

  • Spend 1 Momentum to move an additional
    range between the character and a target if not
    hindered or blocked by another character or

It’s under the heading of:

Action Scene Momentum Spends
Momentum is a key tactical resource during action
scenes. When a character generates Momentum
in an action scene, it can help in many ways to
overcome enemies, empower allies, and bolster the
effectiveness of actions.
The following provides a number of options for
a character generating 1 or more points of Momentum
in combat.

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