Using Fortune to buy d20s. Repeatable?

I’m assuming you can use Fortune to purchase up to 3 d20s, which amounts to 6 automatic successes to begin with (assuming you have at least a focus in the skill). Is this correct?

Yes, by Crom! Fortune works differently than Momentum. I suggest you take a look at its section in the RAW.

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You can use the fortune spend to get automatic successes as many times in a round as the players have fortune. With the caveat that they are still under the limitation of not being allowed to have more than 5 d20s total (each fortune creates a d20 with an autocrit success, not just two successes). Also, they still have to roll. There’s always the chance that they’ll give you some doom or let you make their lives more interesting as well. Also, I would caution your players that, while they CAN make this kind of a spend, it there are so many other more interesting ways to use fortune. A story declaration for one can completely alter a situation and it only costs 1 fortune.

If you have enough successes based on Fortune points spent you do not have to roll. Page 100 of the core book states that.

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There arent autocrit rules in Conan, Im afraid. Each 1 generates 2 successes, period.

IMO Fortune Points are not RAW (well, IMO 2D20 is not about being RAW but that’s another issue). Fortune points are: it might be far fetched but is it doable? Spend these bad boys and let’s do it! Sure there are always rules examples and it’s nice to have them but, the way I see it: if you can describe it, if it would be cool in a movie then, with a Fortune Point it happens.

Now, maybe I’m over-interpreting your question about the 6 successes, but what happens if my players spend all their Fortune Points to defeat the vilain? (is it your subtext question?) I’ll say “no” and I’ll add “you don’t want to do that anyway, you don’t want to ruin the climax 'cause it’s lame and Fortune Points are about being epic not about being lame”. I don’t want to ramble on on this issue (because maybe it’s not an issue you want to raise) .

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Per the rules, and the way it supports the fiction it’s based on, it’s legal.

There are so many bits of rules in the book. It is easy to miss little things sometimes. Thanks, I actually probably read that sometime but in all the other rules it slipped my mind. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!