How to roll, all xD20 at once? or 2D20 plus extra D20 later?

When I roll for a challenge, should I spent the momentum beforehand, and roll the appropriate number of dice?

Or could I, instead, sometimes, roll 2D20 then, after seeing the result, spend 1 momentum and roll 1 more dice? again and again?

If you want to spend Momentum for additional dice (or use Fortune points for a d20 set to a 1), you need to declare that BEFORE the roll.

Other Momentum spends are usually made after the roll, but not this one.

In a Struggle, an opposed roll, both sides need to declare how many dice they will be rolling, how much Momentum or Doom (or Fortune) is spent. Then all dice are rolled at once and the results evaluated.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: