Heroic criticals with multiple weapons

So you have a heroic character weilding a pistol and a stun baton, you score two hits with the pistol earning 2 cp in one round, your oponent charges into melee, and on the following round:

can you use the 2cp and crit with the baton, or do you have to use the critical with the pistol?

Follow up question, can you prepare and use your crit on a quick attack from a trigger?

Every weapon collects their own crits… so you need to use the pistol if you wanna use the crit


Thanks for the reply, what about using the crit as a reaction?

Yes you can

As a reaction, most definitely. You won’t suffer the -2 penalty as a Reaction/Quick Action, it’s an auto hit.

Another thing, if you built up your Crit Meter and used the 10mm while engaged, you wouldn’t suffer the -2 for Shooting while engaged, but the target would still receive the +1 bonus to Armor.