Tabitha + Gunners cards

Hey there! I was wondering, is there a lore explanation to why Tabitha can not use quick action: prepare, or is it just an error on her card?
Also, I have a second question recarding Gunners faction card. It states, that when you kill enemy model you gain quick action. What about a situation, where you kill somebody using quick action? Technically you can’t gain a quick action point out of quick action, but it is written in a way that doesn’t prevent it. So I was wondering, if that was intentional. A situation where gunner can kill someone using quick action from prepare action, and then gain another quick action to immediately go on prepare seems just… weird, but maybe that’s me. Thanks for response!

Models cant get ap from quick actions anyway, so if model killed from qa you don’t get ap

Hey @SuperMutantEnjoyer

I think Tabitha has far much more on her mind than reacting to her surroundings, hence the lack of Quick Action: Attack.

As @post_AskeT pointed out, you can’t get Quick Actions from Quick Actions anyway. For the very reason mentioned in your first post.