Preparing & quick action clarification

I’ve been playing a few of the tutorial missions at home to get my head around the rules before taking my starter set up to my LGS in order to convince others to start playing as well, and I just wanted to check how Preparing works. A model with a Prepared token can use any of the actions normally available to it (attacking, moving, skill check etc) as a quick action when resolving a trigger, and the limitation on using Action Points to being only those actions listed on the bottom of the card is a completely separate rule, yeah?

For example, in the first tutorial mission, one of my settlers gained an Action Point from a roll, which he could use solely for gaining a Reaction token. And then, when a Super Mutant moved within his awareness range, he was able to use that Reaction to make an attack with his Hunting Rifle with a -2 modifier to hit. Was this done correctly?


That’s right. The Action Point Use Icons only restrict what a model can spend their Action Points on. Using a Reaction is completely separate and can be any action.


Quick question also, does a reaction attack trigger a reaction?

Dogmeat attacks a brute as an action, gets an AP, takes a prepare. Brute has a reaction token, so uses that to attack dogmeat back. Can Dogmeat then use his reaction gained from his attack action to then react to the Brute reaction (and then attack again after that)

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No. A model can spend an AP to perform an action, such as Prepare, but the AP is only spent when performing the action - so the AP cannot be spent to perform the Prepare action (to gain the Reaction token) immediately after performing an attack action before the Brute raects - the Brute gets to react after the attack (as Reactions occur after an action is complete). So, in the case you mention:

Action 1. Dogmeat attacks the Brute and gets an AP.
Action 2. The Brute now uses their Reaction to attack (as Dogmeat’s attack was a trigger). The Brute reacts to Action 1 before Dogmeat can perform a Prepare action (whether spending the AP to Prepare or not).
Action 3. Dogmeat can now perform their second Action or use their AP to perform a Quick Action. If they Prepare (whether sending the AP to do so or not), it cannot be used to react to the Brute’s attack as Dogmeat has started a new action since the Brute’s attack finished).

Hope that helps explain things.