Reckless Movement AI Order

I have a super mutant brute engaged with Dogmeat and I roll the option for a reckless move with the possibility of breaking engagement. Killing Dogmeat is currently one of the objectives for the super mutants and is the nearest for the target priority. So by this roll he should break engagement and just stand in front of Dogmeat? I know super mutants aren’t the most intelligent, but this seems like extra stupid for a super mutant. I’m just going to have the super mutant attack Dogmeat as that seems to make more sense for it. Should I interpret it like that or should I just have him disengage, take a potential hit and stand in front of Dogmeat?

AI response card for Move also states that if within move of subject then “O”. The “O” default is Attack. So my guess is the Super Mutant would Attack Dogmeat

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I read straight over that, thanks for the response. :woman_facepalming:

That’s just my best guess. It’d be nice to have James chime in and confirm or clarify.

Vmag is right. That line in the rules means the AI will do the [O]bjective response if within Move of the subject. If the objective is to attack then it will perform the [A]ttack response using the method it rolled (i.e. range or close combat).

Short version: What Vmag said :slight_smile:

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