Clarification on Presence

Hey guys I read rules couple times but I still am unsure about it so here it goes:
When do I use this skill - is it used to activate aura abilities (like Brave) or is it just to “motivate” characters like Enslaved Tech?
Sorry if it’s stupid question xD

I was wondering the same thing (maybe @WriterJames can help?) So far I’ve only notices that models need to be in presence range of the active model for the active model to use their consumables.

Hi. No problem - it’s not a stupid question. You only need to make a skill roll to Use or Test Presence when a card tells you to. (The difference being ‘Use’ requires a Use Expertise action and ‘Test’ does not.)

For abilities that have an aura, the colour of the model’s Presence (i.e. the model with the ability) determines the maximum distance at which the ability’s effect can occur.

Unfortunately, the Presence range you mention was a typo in the rules and has been updated by the errata. The range for Sharing items is Yellow for everyone (and not based on their Presence color). (So your answer was correct based on the printed rules but that’s been changed.)