Enslaved Tech Back Up ability

good afternoon everyone. Hadn’t seen a question on this topic, so I thought I would post one. I’m trying to understand the Back-Up ability of the Enslaved Tech:

1: Is the bonus die being given to the Tech’s expertise rolls or is the Tech giving the bonus die to a friendly model within presence?

2: If the latter, is this considered a Use Expertise: Presence action

  1. The bonus being added is a black die, right, so the only valid face on an expertise roll would be the -1, correct?

Thanks for the help.

1: No Aura icon, so I assume the bonus is given to the tech, but I cannot be 100% sure.
2: I don’t think so.
3. It seems to be the only face with impact.

That’s right. It only applies to the Tech when any of their Expertise rolls is made whilst there is a friendly model within the Tech’s Presence.

The only benefit at present is the -1 (unless the Tech has something that can convert a black dice into a green dice when it could be more beneficial). Having effect dice for an Expertise roll will be more beneficial at a later date.