Enslaved Tech vs. Free Tech

At first I was unsure about this figure since its SPECIAL stats are pretty terrible but its abilities more than makes up for it. However, I am not sure why its point cost is exactly the same for the Survivor and the Super Mutant factions since the Survivor version is clearly better with +1 END (and hence one more wound and +1 Physical Armor). While I can see why the survivor version is better as a freed man, the point costs are supposed to be about game balance. Therefore, shouldn’t the superior version be more expensive or the other version probably less so?

I suspect that is because his skill set is more valuable to the Super Mutants than the Survivors.


Where do you find the card for the free tech?

Actually it’s the same card for both the Enslaved and Free Tech. If you look at the abilities on the Enslaved Tech card, you’ll see a special ability called “Free” that explains the differences.

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I use them extensively in both Survivors and Super Mutants forces. Gatekeeper is right that their skills are far more important in SM, since there rest of the faction doesn’t have much of anything in the way of the skills they excel at. In Survivors they end up being just a little too good for their cost I think. They don’t bring anything unique to the table, but they’re cheap as heck and likely to survive one more hit than their enslaved version. Honestly the whole thing is just a bit confusing and hard to balance, and I really wish Modiphius had just gone ahead and made them two separate cards.

Maybe someone with some solid photoshop type skills might try their hand on making a free tech card and posting it here for the rest of us.

import to paint and you can do it easier