Ideas for Raider stats and faction rules?

What is everyone using for Raiders until we get the official release further down the road?
I’m currently just using unit cards from existing factions, like Settlers or Scavengers, but I’m stumped for ideas on what to give them as their special faction rules …

jet usually seems to be a raiders drug of choice so maybe starting 1 unit in the squad with a free chem or the like.


I just use the survivor rules until we get the real one’s.
Scavanger for the close combat raider/raider beserker
short range weapon Raiders (assault rifle, shotguns) with Minutemen Rules
and of course the enslaved/free techs.
As Raiderlord the Sole Survivor.
Cait make also a lot of scence in a Raidercrew.

I see the survivors as the normal humans. so, we can use them as every human fraction. maybe it would make sense to switch some unit options. (weapons, equipment…) -> chem options for everyone, except the slaves would make sense…

Yeah jet and psycho seem like drugs any raider would have access to.

Pipe rifles, shotguns and combat rifles the more usual weapons with the odd one carrying a missile launcher or minigun.

Using the survivors makes perfect sense.

I do eagerly await the official minis, until then I’ve got some models from project z that kind of work.

Thats a nice idear for the fraction ability.
Leader gain one Jet oder Psycho for free, and all human troops gain the option.

And thats my Crew (all models with Equipment on wysiwyg)
Survivor with Leader (brawler), ripper and laser rifle, sometimes in power armor.

2 Minutemen with assault rifle

1 Minutemen with pipe wrench and Combat shoutgun

1 Settler with hunting rifle

1 scavanger with Baseball Bet and Pipe pistol

1 enslaved tech with double shotgun

1 enslaved tech with the pipe rifle

The idear is that the raiderboss is the only good equiped one. They are Raider. I like to give my enemy a little bit that “minions with boss feeling”.

Dang. My hats are off to you guys. I consider myself a pretty big Fallout nut. But haven’t even had time to finish scraping and gluing my existing units together. I haven’t even really begun painting them and making custom terrain yet.

And you guys have played so many games you are creating your own Raiders now and playing games with them because you’ve already played through the existing content already?

Is that true, or do you just really want to play Raiders and aren’t interested in the already release units?

No judgement, just curious. I feel like I’ve been staying up late to hobby every night and everyone else has already got tons of games in with fully painted sets, explored the settlement mode, and done all of the things already. How do you guys do it?

A little bit of both. We made some matches in the last week. And I painted the last two weeks every Night. XD
And I paint fast. I have a mutant crew and a Vault-crew, and some robots wip (40 to 80%) and 4 robots and 3 ghouls finished.

Actually i Just using the list from above. And we will try the fraction bonus from above one the next game.

Oh and the only real Fallout Terrain are the vault Boy statue. It’s just a repainted bobblehead from a games store. ^^
Rest is from 40k and other tabletop systems…

And don’t worry. You have a lot of time for more Games, miniatures, systems, tables and more.
Oh And I do not count. Im since 2003 in the Hobby and worked 2 years for gw. I have to many stuff. :joy:

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Me and my mates bought mdf buildings for the batman mini game but ended up not playing it much, but it means we can recreate a decent residential area.

I’m looking at another mdf house for a sanctuary themed board:

How about:

Every raider starts with an active chem. When it runs out, flip the drug to the ‘addicted’ side without making an addiction roll.


That sounds more like a detriment than a bonus.

Your first 3 rounds would be super effective. A chem for every model? That’s a lot of stat gain.

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I think I see noblehawk’s point.
A lot of Raiders, if you play them fluffy or wysiwyg (what we did in our group) Raiders have neraly only short range and cc weapons. In a lot of scenarios they will have NO use of drugs in the frist or in the first two rounds…
so you have use of your fraction ability for one round… yay…

so nice idear, but makes not totally sense at the end. Maybe the option for chems is enough. or option for every raider and free chem for the Leader of the Crew…

Hobojebus, the building you have chosen is great (just finishing building one myself) one hint, make sure the holes for the tabs are wide enough before you start assembling, dry-fit dry-fit dry-fit as trying to widen them once you are trying to assemble the roof section is frustrating to say the least lol…
but goes together a dream and great value for money…

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I’ll keep it in mind, just also found an mdf overpass by tt combat I plan on picking up.