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Suggestion: Custom faction traits

See, I was thinking about how the Nuka World raider gangs could be implemented into the game. Obviously they’d be part of the raider faction, but they need something special and unique about the way you play them.

Of course it’d be possible to play them like the existing raiders, with the same cards and only different looking models.

But I remember reading that each expansion would add new ways to play, new rules to the game and this is what gave me the idea of custom faction rules or custom faction traits.

So far each faction has their own faction specific rules: survivors get strong armor points, super mutants use the cooked effect of food, raiders chems last one turn longer, etc… Since there are countless of tiny factions and thousands of raider variants across the wasteland, why not give us rules that allow us to create our own faction specific rules?

Nuka World with their three different raider gangs would be ideal for the introduction of such rules. There are three raider factions who use the same SPECIAL attributes as the default raiders, but come each with special rules that emphasizes their unique culture and behaviour. For example the Pack could have rules that make their raiders slightly more formidable melee fighters but are prone to infighting. The operators could gain more caps from battles (useful for settlement mode). The Disciples receive bonus boosts depending on how many enemies they defeat.

How would that work?
Well, you’d have a list of traits that you can use for your specific raider faction. Each trait increases or decreases the cost of each model that you use by a specific amount, depending on whether it’s a helpful or a detrimental trait.

The result are raider factions that are still raiders, but each with their own quirks. For those who own the RPG, it can be compared to gifts and scars that are used for the customization of archetypes.

What do you think?

I’m actually hoping they do them as sub factions (like minute men are survivors but also gain bonuses for minutemen)

I’d run Pack as if they had battle cry orange
Disciples get a free quick action when they kill a target
operators get free suppressors

That’s sounds much more balanced, true. I’d be very much for that. Also subfactions. That’s the best word to describe them.

What if you have a specific kind of raider gang in mind that doesn’t exists in the current games, like for example a Vim! themed Far Harbour trapper faction, or a raider gang with a pirate theme? You’d want your gang to be unique in some way, but since they are your own creation you either need homebrew rules or an official guideline that allows you to create such a gang in a balanced, possibly tournament-approved, fashion.

the balance is the problem,if you start adding in too many custom things then you’ll get a situation where balance cannot be addressed without making the cap cost higher for worst case scenarios better to try and work with what is already there like giving everyone hats and maybe machete to represent cutlass