Faction samples?

I know there are references to Factions and rep etc. supposedly in the GM Toolkit. Does anyone have insight into what these may look like? I want to create some factions for my game but also don’t want to have to do things twice if I don’t have to. I was hoping there would be a pdf of the toolkit at some point before I needed to create them :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately the GM kit has yet to be released in PDF format (probably will sometime after the physical release hopefully). I’ve not heard of any rules pertaining to factions or rep, but there are descriptions of the major factions in the core rulebook.

I would seem to me that a factions goals, story, and actions are all story pieces. I do not think their needs to be rules governing them.

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I mostly agree with you, but some players like greater mechanical engagement when interacting with an organization so it doesn’t all feel like GM fiat. It’s good to have those rules so that the players who want that kind of engagement can have it.