GM Toolkit PDF availability?

Just wondering when this will be available?


I would also be interested in this.

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I would be interested as well.

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Bumping for posterity and since it was never answered.

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I live in Australia, and the cost of shipping is about the same as the toolkit. I really need the PDF version and I DON’T want the physical copies.

I would also be very interested in seeing this in PDF or even better Adapt it to Fantasy Grounds!

Yea I would also love this…I own the physical copy but would be interested in a digital for quick access.

Seeing the GM Kit contains some rules that are lacking from the core book, I’d like to renew this request for a pdf version!

I spoke to support and I was given a PDF. I suggest logging a support ticket

As I haven’t got the physical product, but want to buy only a pdf of the GM Kit (as do others, I assume), I don’t think contacting support will solve my issue. :roll_eyes:

Do they provide you the Rules Summary and Weapon Rules as PDF as well? I think those are the most valuable from the product.