GM Screen.. lack of

As soon as FRPG dropped as pdf while we wait for hard copies I noticed a lack of a GM screen.So I knocked one up on MSPublisher… mainly for noob GMS it may be useful, I’ll try uploading it

EDIT… that didn’t work… any computer savvy people out there? I’m thinking of making a dropbox etc link?

Try this:


for the devs: If this IP infringement I’ll take them down

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Any chance you can do these in PDF?

Nope… I’m not that good :sweat_smile:

Great addition to the forums. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this GM Screen. The traps table was a nice added touch!

Here is a PDF copy of the GM screen panels I created. I use two screens, each with 8 panels that I keep handy for quick reference. With these, I can handle most things, especially searching, without needing to dig through the books constantly. There may be an update to these posted later in the week to clean up a couple of things.


I like what you’ve done here, but for a long time I have not been a fan of GM screens that waste 4 panels, usually the player-facing panels, on nothing but pictures. I’m not saying “don’t use pictures”. I’m saying that PLAYERS could use some easily-accessible information, as well. Like the major and minor actions, how to use generate, buy, and use Action Points, how to use Luck Points, how Tag skills work (I’ve seen multiple live streams get this wrong, so it must be confusing people), how Fire Rate works with spending ammo, how to convert a standard 1d6 roll into a Combat Die and what it means when you roll one or more effects results (this confuses people, too), what each weapon quality and effect actually does and how they stack with themselves, using cover, hit location charts (plural, though this could just be on the GM side), rules for targeting specific hit locations, “Ranged Attacks Within Reach”, and there’s more.

You have nearly two entire pages of the GM side dedicated to weapon charts, which… why? The NPC and enemy stats should include any combat information a GM should need, or the GM should have prepared that information before the session. If a player character finds a weapon and the GM did not take the time to have that information available, or it was the result of a random loot roll, just take a second to look up the stats (or have the player do it). You have charts telling you the stats for a Combat Shotgun and a Super Sledge, but no information telling you how Spread, Breaking or Inaccurate effects and qualities work.

Now, surely cheat sheets could be made for each player that gives them handy, useful information. That’s an option if pictures on the back of your screen are super important to you. But if they are not, the players are probably going to know less about the rules than the GM. Well, unless they are a rules connoisseur, like me. Hahaha! BUT… I am the GM for my group, so there is that.

Anyway, I know it probably seems like I was poo-poo-ing all over your GM Screen, but that was not my intention. I generally like it. I probably would have started somewhere similar. I’m just trying to offer suggestions that might make a GM screen even MORE useful, both to GMs and players, alike.


Most tables I’ve been at the players would need to get up or lean way over or otherwise get close to the screen for it to be of any use to them. The pictures on the other hand are generally atmospheric for the game. Player information, in my experience, is much better handled with cheat sheets or item cards.


I do agree that individual player reference sheets are better, but I have played at tables no bigger than a 3’ x 3’ card table. In cramped or limited space circumstances, it can be especially useful to have rules referenced on the back of a GM screen. However, I feel that two panels dedicated to weapon lists on the GM side is space that could be serving a more useful purpose.

Personally, I don’t use GM screens as actual GM screens any more, anyway. I don’t have a need to separate myself from the other players, or to hide anything from them behind a wall. I appreciate the nostalgia, however. For me, a GM screen is four panels (or eight, if double-sided!) of quick reference information. Weapon lists are easy to find. There are plenty of more obscure rules, scattered throughout the book, which can be very difficult to refence using said book.

Of course, these are all just personal opinions and preferences. People should do and use whatever works best for their needs.


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Very nice! I think that if Modiphius DOES give us a screen, it’s not going to be as useful as this one.

I find that since I use Foundry for many things the GM Screen Module is a god send as I can put the information I need in it. For making my own from scratch I like this method using canvas panels - DIY: Make your own DM screen - YouTube

I made my screen as Publisher document just so GMs could edit it themselves, remove one table for a preferred one I forgot/didn’t ‘snipping tool’ and paste - The ‘Official 2d20 game of death by radiation poisoning’ was both tongue in cheek and a stark reminder to players the dangers of the game. The player panels are also editable… I’m not actually GMing at the mo but actively playing it. I just added stuff I’d need if GMing… glad it’s been of use

These are super handy.

I just made some mock-ups in Google Docs, not as fancy as the ones here. For display and DMing games at our FLGS and conventions, I modified the Wasteland Warfare GM Screen for 2D20. It looks sharp on the table. I’ll definitely be adding these to the back side.

Thanks for posting your creations folks! :smiley:

I put together some pdf GM Quick Reference charts with bookmarks HERE.


That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Just make sure you “download” the file and don’t “print” it. Printing deletes the bookmarks.

Good stuff, thanks for posting!