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GM Toolkit missing Rules and Reference Sheets?

So, my Fallout preorder arrived today. But for the life of me, I cannot find the Play Reference and Weapon Rules sheets in the GM Toolkit.

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Same for me, i have character sheet pad, 2 sheets of nuka-cola caps, map and the GM toolkit book. Last thing in there is a sheet telling me of the contents and it too says there should be “How to play reference sheets” and “Weapon rules sheet” included so i dont think im dreaming that they should be there.

It’s good it’s not just me.

It’s also not good it’s not just me.

I sent an email, but given it was late last night and now the weekend I’m not expecting a reply before Monday.

Sounds like it’s everyone. People on reddit and discord reporting the same issue.

I really hope they send these out. I hope they don’t go the route of just offering digital copies when we’ve paid for the high quality versions.

I’ve also sent an email, we’ll see what happens.

That’s a big ‘whups…’ I hope we can get a physical copy later.

I am still looking forward to my G.E.C.K. - whenever it arrives.

Unfortunately it’s a yes from me as well. Both reference sheets missing.

On the plus side Modiphius appear to have built themselves an excellent reputation for putting this sort of thing right (see the recent blog about Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms for example). Hopefully someone will be along soon with a plan to sort it.

I just got an email which included a link to a PDF of everything including the GM Toolkit (with the missing reference sheets) and a message which acknowledges the error. The phrasing is a little ambiguous though:

“Hi here is the complete PDF of the GM Toollkit [sic] for the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game - we have discovered an error in the printing and if your order has not shipped yet will be shipping the missing sheets separately.”

So if the order has not yet shipped they will send it separately? Surely that should be the other way around.
I think that, interpreting this how I think they meant it instead of what it strictly says, it means that we, who have received our copies already, will be getting the missing sheets mailed out to us.

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I have not received said email, nor have I received any updated PDFs. I think I need to email support.

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My ‘Not Pre-order’ extra dice and GM kit came in two sections, The GM Booklet & map with Ref sheets separately wrapped. The dice also were in the same box. It seems strange that the GM kit is in two sections… maybe different print runs or different parts of the process so they’re wrapped on different machines.

Got home from work to find a mysterious cardboard envelope waiting for me.

Turns out it’s the missing reference sheets that I’d forgotten about/given up on.

Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Well packaged and nice quality card references. Nice :smiley:

When is the GM Toolkit available on DriveThruRPG?


Also hoping the kit will be in PDF soon.
Moving soon overseas and I need not add more stuff to pack.