"Cheat Sheets"?

Hey folks,

Has anyone compiled / created any “cheat sheets” for A!C 2d20 yet? I think my players could use a summary of action scene rules / options, especially.

Thanks in advance!

In the back of the quickstarter PDF there is a one page collection of all the important rules for actions and momentum spends.


Well, sort of. For actions, it just pushed folks to another set of pages in the Quickstart, and doesn’t even mention Reactions.

And swapping pages in these insanely unoptimized .pdfs is a nightmare.

Any chance someone has already saved me the trouble and collected everything into one place?

I bought the GMs bundle early April and I am waiting for it to get here. Besides Player and GMs books, it comes with a screen and reference booklet. If something exists like a fast reference sheet, I’d think it would be there. I downloaded the PDFs but they only included the two books, not the screen or booklet. I sent an email to ask about getting the GM kit pdf but haven’t heard back.

When I get my physical items, I plan on seeing what kind of play aids I can come up with.

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I am looking for some good cheat sheets as well.

I’ve put together a set of pages for my GM Screen. It has slots to hold 3 pages so I usually put helpful tables on both sides, some for my players and others for me.
It may not let me upload them since I just made an account to post here?
Edit: posting images one post at a time since my new account limits me to that :confused:

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The link does not work.




Thank you for the sheets. They’re very useful :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to get the editabletext version of the tables used to make these images?


Just changed over from original AC to 2d20 and these sheets will help my players a lot, thanks for your hard work :sunglasses: :+1:

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If anyone’s interested, I’m playtesting a set of “cheat sheets” at the moment, made in Microsoft Publisher. I’ll post them here when I’m happy with them. Incidentally, I’ve created a Complications table by modifying the one from Cubicle 7’s Wrath & Glory game to fit A!C. I’ll be testing that out next session.


Hi, I’m definitely interested in reviewing the text you have prepared.
BTW been looking for an online game of A!C 2d20 to join. If there is an open slot in your game I would love to give it a try.cheers

It’s not an online session, unfortunately. It’s IRL. If you live near Huddersfield, consider yourself invited. We play at the Geek Retreat in the middle of town, next to the Sainsbury’s.

I’ve done two sessions with no alterations needed and without having to look anything up in the manuals. Once I’ve done one more session without having to change anything, I think it’ll be ready for release.

It still needs a couple of tweaks (a couple of things I had to use the manual to look up in tonight’s session), so I’ll do that and give it another test run next session.

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This is still very much a Work In Progress, but you can download the Microsoft Publisher file from this link: My OneDrive link

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I know I’m late to the party, but thanks for the sheets!

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The party must be over… serves me right for turning up late. Mine sweeping so thanks for the data!