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"Cheat Sheets"?

Hey folks,

Has anyone compiled / created any “cheat sheets” for A!C 2d20 yet? I think my players could use a summary of action scene rules / options, especially.

Thanks in advance!

In the back of the quickstarter PDF there is a one page collection of all the important rules for actions and momentum spends.

Well, sort of. For actions, it just pushed folks to another set of pages in the Quickstart, and doesn’t even mention Reactions.

And swapping pages in these insanely unoptimized .pdfs is a nightmare.

Any chance someone has already saved me the trouble and collected everything into one place?

I bought the GMs bundle early April and I am waiting for it to get here. Besides Player and GMs books, it comes with a screen and reference booklet. If something exists like a fast reference sheet, I’d think it would be there. I downloaded the PDFs but they only included the two books, not the screen or booklet. I sent an email to ask about getting the GM kit pdf but haven’t heard back.

When I get my physical items, I plan on seeing what kind of play aids I can come up with.

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I am looking for some good cheat sheets as well.