GameMaster's Guide Contains Player's Guide?

SO psyched for launch day, but a little confused by the copy in the store page.

The copy describing the GM’s Guide seems to imply that, inside the 260ish pages of the GM’s guide is the 180ish pages of the Player’s Guide. Does that mean the GM’s Guide is essentially [Player’s Guide] + [80 more pages]?

They are separate books, the GM’s Guide does not contain the Player’s Guide’s contents.

Thank you so much @Modiphius-Nathan ! Now I get to justify buying TWO fun books today :slight_smile:

I appreciate this confirmation as I, too, was a bit confused as to whether or not the Gamemaster’s Guide included the Player’s Guide.

Might be worth having the product description updated a bit for clarity. It kind of reads like it does include the Player’s Guide since it’s mentioned in the included list until you pick it apart and realize it’s informing you the Player’s Guide has the game rules which is required to play and implies the Gamemaster’s Guide is separate. Also, it’s not unheard of in tabletop RPGs for the Player’s Guide to be a portion of the game book thus, possibly, adding to the confusion.

Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone !
Quick question from me : if one already owns the gamemaster’s guide of the original A!C (v6 edition), how much new content is there in the Gamemaster’s guide justifying a new purchase ? My understanding is that most of the new stuff is in the Player’s guide, correct ?

Thanks a lot !

Most of the spell catalog is in the GM’s guide, as well as all the rules related to NPCs/encounters, so I imagine you’ll need those stats and rules/mechanics for special abilities/ Threat spends, etc.

As comparing the stats of the NPCs of the old BRP-based A!C to the 2d20-based one, it would require ENORMOUS work to convert them to 2d20 stats, and you still need the rules for NPCs, their special abilities, magic, etc. given in the A!C 2d20 GM book to do that.
The A!C players book only has the player facing part of this system, which is not nearly enough to run it as a GM.

2d20 is a very different type of rules system from BRP/CoC or Savage Worlds. Knowing the old edition does not help at all in any rules and stats related regard.
You can easily use the old editions for the fluff, the setting information (which I actually recommend, as the A!C 2d20 is very thin on the setting background information). But slight differences in fluff does not bring the game to a grinding halt, rules mechanical difference do.

And, the old BRP A!C has been less “pulpy” than the Savage Worlds one, and A!C 2d20 is even more pulpy. That is, why the players in the different groups I ran and run A!C for prefer the new 2d20 version above all others.
It is VERY different, the gameplay is distinctively different using the 2d20 rules - especially from the GM’s side, having to manage the Threat resource, which is for many GMs a new thing and requires a bit of advice and more of actual play practice to get it going.

My recommendation: get the A!C 2d20 GM book, give it a very thorough read, especially if you already know the older editions, as the differences are important.

Thanks a lot !

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