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Player's Guide?

I just realized that there was a KULT Player’s Guide, do you guys know what’s inside ?
Just some condensed information already found in the core book, or some new material (new archetypes, …) ?
Thanks !

The Kult game is dependent to a degree on the GM keeping the secret(s) of the world hidden from the players. The Player’s Guide caters to this need by providing enough for the players to work with, without giving away the background. So, it’s a 116 page book which details all the player archetypes and ‘need to know’ stuff but edits out the rest.


Ah, just like the two books they released for the previous edition then, Rumours (for the players) and Behind The Veil (for the GM) ?
That’s a good idea, but just in theory, cos in reality who in their right mind will take some time to play a RPG without knowing what it’s about ?
Do you really think that any player will play KULT without knowing (at least part of) stuff the GM knows ?
It’s like playing D&D and expecting the players not to know that there are dungeons and there are dragons in the game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think the game is still obscure enough for a new gaming group to play it without full knowledge of the background, yes. It’s not like D&D, insofar that the game is a horror setting - and based on a ‘hidden world’ premise.

In terms of purchasing, it’s generally only the GM that is usually prepared to splash out on buying the books anyway. I can imagine players been given the hardcopy or just the PDF of the Player’s Guide in order to help generate characters.

As a kickstarter backer, I’m getting the whole lot of it anyway.

I would😁


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The Player’s guide is the Archetype book?
I see in Drivethroughrpg and modiphius store different books but looking like the same one from the cover image.

I’m not sure that there is a Player’s book on drivethrurpg yet - I just see the gamemaster’s screen and the tarot cards. I don’t actually see it on the Modiphius site yet either, actually. What they have there is a bundle of Archetypes made up as ready to run character sheets for players. This is similar, and could actually do the same job, but is actually a seperate item from the kickstarter inventory.

The Players’ Guide is a character generation and primer book, with characters generally being based on picking and customising archetypes (like in Apocalypse World). It’s cover has a selection of the archetype illustrations (five of them) on it.

Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:

Is there anywhere that the player’s guide is actually available?

I don’t think it’s going to be available and honestly, you don’t need it. Just get the core rules, and you’ll have everything included.

That stinks but I’ll do just that.

I stumbled on a site that has a limited quantity.

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Hi all. First post here.

I’ve just created proper playbooks for each archetype, classic PbtA style. A bunch of Kult fans I showed to found it really nice, so I thought about posting it here too… BUT it seems I’m too new to post links over here (“Access Denied”).

So, if anyone is interesting, have a search at the first pages of RPG dot Net, or at the KULT Discord channel under “Fan Made Materials”.


I would love to see what you’ve made but I can’t seem to find them on and I do not belong to the Kult Discord

@Rouroni , it’s at the “tabletop roleplaying open” section. It’s still at first page at this moment, but if you look for “Kult Playbooks” you’ll surely find it at anytime.

I’ve found it. Thank you!