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Looking fot a good cheat sheet

I tried making one myself, but I’m too verbose for managing to compile information on a usable cheat sheet format. Does anybody have a good one?

Well hey there!
actually i’ve several. None of them are mine, i just found them while rifleling through some fan pages, reddit and G+.
They are quite useful, i’ve printed some for me and some others to be ready on the table.!Ah99Xmuviv7Dj3AowxR0BCluf4Po

Thank you. I had one of those but not the others. They seem quite useful.

As GM the NPC sheet is a great help, while my players, especially the P&P virgins like the action sheet. A very good visualization to get your head around the abstract movement and zones.

these are awesome! thank you! @Alpharius

Hmm… I might make a page and pin them to the front… does anyone know who made those so I can credit them?

Those are really useful. Suspiciously useful. I suspect the influence of the Dark Soul …



The info for the “action” is lost with G+

But i’ve found the the others:

The NPC sheet and cheat sheet weres made by the Reddit User wolfa127

While the more practical player aid was compiled by Bootscum

On a side note. I really recommend another Fan page. The owner published a lot of story’s from his own run and some other pretty things.

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