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Mutant chronicles Resources

Hello! I will be updating this with new links to resources for the MC line. Let me know if you have any you would like me to add


New Character sheets made by me, based on original Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Sheets_V1.3(Printer_Friendly).pdf (437.4 KB) Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Sheets_V1.3(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (638.2 KB) Mutant_Chronicles_Spell_Sheet_V1.1(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (120.7 KB)

I’ve got this from G+ back in the days, but don’t know who made. If you recognize your work, i want to say thank you, from me and my group!
actions1.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Latest iteration of the Character creation sheet Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Life_Path_Worksheet_V1.3(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (359.5 KB)

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Ok, so I’ve radically re-thought how the Life Path creation sheet should look like, any suggestions are welcome.Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Life_Path_Worksheet_V1.3x(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (347.2 KB) Example.pdf (238.0 KB)

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I really like this one

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I’ve been tinkering with the economics system. I’ve imported prices set in the Savage Rules, and I’m planning to use this as a standard. I’m going to use Restriction as the Difficulty level to obtain items, giving Brotherhood items a D5 on the black market. Other than that, multiplying everything withh 100 is pretty staright forward, that includes Maintenance. However, Earnings is a bit tricky, should it be multiplied to 10.000 ? That would make some sense, since a Luna PD Detective would then have a basic income at $30.000/month to spend on basic living ( living space + food) and savings/investments. Does this seem realitic? Comments are welcome.

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Looks nice, but it seems like the entire forums have just gone AWOL. I remember back when MC-Rendezvous were alive. There we’re so many different things coming out to MC - discussions were flowing and the world was growing. Sorry to say but this forum seems quite necro.

Yeah, that’s a pitty the MC community is not was it was back then.
I remember fondly the long dead french forum :slight_smile:

But as I personaly don’t know where else to go, why not here.

The confinement brought back some MC into my life, and after all this years I finally took the time to read all those beautiful pdfs.
I even managed to sink some hours in creating a fully functional MC Character sheet for Tabletop Simulator, whith dice rolling macros included.
I’ll be making it available soon, just need to add a few things and comments before releasing it.