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New content for MC 3

When we can expect new contents for MC 3 ??? Something new mechanicaly and new plot. I see in conan new talents with every new expansion. I see in Infinity new rules with evry new expansion. When we can get those in Mutant CHronicels ??? Mutant chronicels lacks in rules for social combat, mass battles and great new talents that players can gnaw on (such as conan). When we can gen some new more warlike content such as descriptions of warzone’s, asuult on citadels and great mass battles using air strike’s, artilery, armoured falnags of tanks etc. ???

There are some issues with publishing “new” content. First, is that the original run of books covered a lot of ground. Second, MC is a licensed product, we don’t know what modiphius is allowed to do. Third, there is a boat load of content that was cut from the original books, which hasn’t been published in any way. Fourth, I don’t think it would be financially viable, as sadly MC3 doesn’t look like a big hit.

I’m not against new materials being published. But I’m not hopeful.

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I didn’t know about the cut content from the original. Do you know something about that? Is the new material on the Modiphius edition in any way related to that cut content, or was it something else?

[quote=“Aragathor, post:2, topic:5793”]
Third, there is a boat load of content that was cut from the original books, which hasn’t been published in any way.
[/quote]Yes, there were at least a few adventures - especially the second half of the one in the Cartel book.

I wouldn’t mind a simply layouted, probably unedited version of those cut contents as a PDF-only product.
I long for more Mutant Chronicles material.

Though, I do see that the Kickstarter obligations are completely fulfilled, MC3 is not as popular a game/setting as Conan or Star Trek, and Modiphius might need their manpower to work on other projects as the current product lines or the upcoming Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20, Dune 2d20 or Fallout 2d20.

On the other hand, I would like to see more fan-made materials for MC3, too.

For example, if you feel the need for more Talents, take a look at Infinity or maybe at Conan or even John Carter, and transfer them to MC3 rules (for example, more dice only for Dark Symmetry points, not for Momentum, etc.).

It was mostly content cut from the early versions of MC3 books. Stuff like careers. You can see that in the Imperial sourcebook, there are references there to ICs removed before publication.

Me too, there are too many things that are missing and I just don’t have time now to create things from scratch.

I recently started reposting my work here, trying to polish it up and make it more readable. But it’s a lot of work and my job leaves me little time to edit it. But I’ll get there.


I would love for more Roll20 intergration, sheets, compendiums, mappacks etc.
Since they have a official sheet for Star Trek, why not for there other Games :slight_smile:

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