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New MC3 campaigns coming in 2021?

A friend of mine who is on Facebook (I’m not, so I wouldn’t have seen that) showed my a post from the Warzone/Mutant Chronicles group, where the poster referred to an announcement by Modiphius to publish several(!) new Mutant Chronicles 3 campaigns in 2021.

That would be great news, if there is some substance to it.

Could anyone from Modiphius confirm that there are new products, especially new campaigns for Mutant Chronicles 3 planned for 2021?


If true, this would be great news indeed… Keeping my fingers crossed

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I have taken the time and watched the announcement video from ModCon on Twitch:
Video Link

Matt Forbeck apparently had a script for the continuation of the Venusian Apocalypse Campaign (this campaign for MC3 was already published quite a while ago, and it was originally published for Mutant Chronicles 2 decades ago).
This script was supposed to be for a graphic novel. But Modiphius wants to publish it as a roleplaying campaign for MC3 with the title(?) “Dark Eden”.
But there already is a Dark Eden Campaign for MC3.
So I am a bit confused why the new campaign has the same title as the old one.

Due to the new campaign being the continuation of the old Venusian Apocalypse, the Venusian Apocalypse gets reprinted (if I understood that correctly), as it is the lead to the new campaign.

And for the boardgame “Siege of the Citadel” there will be a RPG campaign for MC3 where the players can play the iconic characters from the boardgame in a roleplaying campaign.

That is, what I took from the video I’ve linked above regarding Mutant Chronicles.


What I gathered this campaign will be set in the Dark Eden era, it’s title has not been revealed.

That’s great news !
Glad to see some new stuff !

I hope the following to the Venusian Apocalypse will take a more noir feeling, because it sure won’t be the case for Siege of the Citadel :wink:


I am curious about Dark Eden and how Forbeck will navigate using the original comic that never was at that story line and if he will do his own Forbeck universe thing or will he alter it to match the 3rd edition version of events.

I hope everyone has had a chance to read the original never published script of part 1.

It’s on forbeck’s blog

Most exciting thing in years.

Lets hope Fred & Matt go ahead and write a novel for Mutant Chronicles.


Is that the blog post in question? I’ll take a look, didn’t know it was available!


I is in the Modiphius newsletter also, so it IS official… :slight_smile:

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It is, I’ve heard about it long ago, waited 20 years to read it, but it only has the 1st part of 4.