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New Content for the Game?

Is there going to be any more content for Mutant Chronicles? There’s a few angles that haven’t been covered yet.

If so, what would you guys like to see in this vein? A book on postDarkLegion Solar System?
A book about the other planets?
Perhaps even either a Gamemasters Guide or a revised version of the core?

There’s the Living Campaign and Modiphia - feedback on the Living Camapign would be great.

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Not sure we need a revised, but some more content would be great! Seems like MC universe has been forgotten in the overall hubub of Modiphius!

I’d love a more streamlined version of the rules, akin to Conan. Infinity at least has the new attributes that have become more or less standard in 2d20 games, but it still suffers from bogged down character creation (read: event heavy).

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s Event heavy, but there’s also a pretty uneven CharGen distribution of interesting stuff.

Capitol and Bauhaus being pretty vanilla and boring compared to pretty much everyone else.

One suggestion: You could put the Magistrate iconic career from an early preview of the Bauhaus source book in the next Issue of Modiphia. I think the only reason that it is not in the final version is because of the very big picture of the Mounted Hussar.


And the cut Juniper Agent iconic career from the early Imperial book draft, that one was cool.

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And the other cut careers from the same draft, too (Clan Noble, Serenity’s Envoy and Boffin).

Yeah, those I had forgotten about :slight_smile:

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Wait… just how uch was cut from those books?

Unfortunately too much IMO :frowning:

Anyone knows how much?
Like, anyone has a list?

I’m not aware of a definitive list as such. Some ideas were unworkable, others were cut for space. Others such as the Metropolitan Prophet adversary have since appeared in the free Modiphia magazine, along with other material for MC3. There’s also the Living Campaign which will add more material.

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cough Metropolitan Prophet cough

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Now I’m curious, who are those Prophets? I didn’t anything about it in Modiphia.

The creature from the Luna & Freelancers source book cover.

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What i feel mostly is lacking is the freelance sources. When you start making a character, half of the option is freelance/criminal/microcorp but almost everything around mutant chronicles focus on the mega corps even though its heavily implied that the characters are usually now freelance agents. I would have liked a real book about character development on the freelance/crim/microcorp group. Like more options for character creations, iconic careers, events and so on. Its a few mentions in the cartel book about setting up your own buisness but it feels like its just the tip of the iceberg. Some of my most fun campaigns in the old mutant chronicles from when i was a kid was when we played detective/journalists in the noir setting of luna. More of that!

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Close enough, considering. They were in issue 2 IIRC…

I’d like to see a Heroes and Personalities book, filled with NPC stat blocks of well know personalities in the soloar system. Mitch Hunter, Bob Watts, the Mishima Lords, ECT.

I’d like to… third(?!) the MicroCorp and Freelancer chargen lists :stuck_out_tongue:
Because they really need it. My players are avoiding Freelancers and MicroCorps like the plague.

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