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New to the setting, GM and players both

I was aware of Mutant Chronicles in the 90s, but never played it. I’m running 2d20 Conan and Fsllout for small, once-a-month groups and picked up Mutant Chronicles because the starter bundle was on sale. This was great because the GM tips are different from Conan to Chronicles.

We started last Sunday with the Dark Symmetry Campaign after I gave a basic rundown of the corporations, the Exodus, and the artifact on Pluto that caused the dark symmetry to spread. All 5 of us went in not knowing exactly what to expect, everyone loved it.

We’ve been playing one a month for 8 months, we’re playing this twice this month. Mutant Chronicles is rapidly becoming my favorite setting the more I read about it.


It is also one of my favorite settings (maybe THE favorite setting). Sometimes I wonder If the problem is that I have weird tastes in games or that people, for some reason, just never found out about Mutant Chronicles’ 3rd edition. I suppose it should have been more succesful than it was.


MC3ed is awesome ! :slight_smile:


I would say MC3 is definately what you needed to plug out alot of the unanswered questions about the lore. There’s been a lot of things explained and alot of things elaborated on. I have played Dark Symmetry times and it feels a bit more Cyberpunkish in nature. I think it’s a good run to know what started and how it all started, but my favorite setting is still very much 1200 YC setting with the Dark Legion.

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I’ve set up a Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition discord, you’re welcome to join. It’s a work in progress.


Do we know if there is going to be some more material created for MC 3rd Ed? I’d love to see some more campaign style adventures.

Also has Modiphius lost the license to Mutant Chronicles?

One admin answered me that there will be new material this year, or 2021. Depending on the workload they have at the moment I guess? I’m kind of hoping of a reprint of 3ed and update of rules and errors (and references in books). Also i think the Mutation and Psionic rules need to be heavily revised.


Hear, Hear! I backed the Kickstarter back in 2015 as my first exposure and I had no idea that I’d love it as much as I have ended up. The worst thing about it is the fact that I can’t get anybody to play with consistently! when the Kickstarter was happening I was working on house ruling one of the WH40K RPGs into oblivion and when I got to see the mechanics of the game it pretty much looked like my house rules, so I ditched that and after getting to know the setting it pretty much replaced WH40K in general for me, not that I really loved it to start with, since I was working on changing the setting along with the house rules.

Now instead of rewriting everything, I get to write new content that complements the setting and existing mechanics, which feels great.


Where in the world are you Apcolyptia? Maybe we can get you in on one of our games here in Sweden via internet ?

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I’m in California and I recently got a job working 2 to 11 with erratic off days. If your game starts before 11 AM PST on my work days I can probably join without much problem, otherwise I’d only be able to join on days that I happen to have off.

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