Help I just got people willing to try mutant Chronicles

I finally have a friend wanting to try 2d20 and mutant Chronicles, but I don’t have all the books I want or need. Any suggestions?

All you need is the core book. If you have that, you are good to start a MC3 game.

if there’s a book you absolutely need, the DPFs can be bought on DrivthruRPG if the paper version is impossible to get.

oh and out of curiosity : what kind of games are you planning to do ? My own solution to get players from various factions together was to have them all working for the Luna City Police départment, in a ‘Special Invesitgations Department’ tasked with both giving temporary reinforcement to overwhelmed services and poking it’s nose where Corporations or Dark Simetry shenanigans were suspected.

So each character had to have at least on pas at a police carrer somewhere in their carrer track - most of them havign a LCPD detective career (the prerequisite are relatively easy to fill)

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I bought the whole collection pdf for very few money (I have bought 2 units because the price was very low and it was for a just cause) when they sold them to help Ukraine. Maybe, I just say maybe you should contact them to see if something is possible.