Game Resources Questions

I have various questions about finding the game resources.

  1. Venusian Apocalypse. Is this a novel? I found one location that can order a 3 part book. They could not determine whether it was a novel or a game supplement.

  2. I’ve seen a listing for “Cartel and Orbitals”. Is this the same as the “Cartel Source Book”?

  3. I can’t find any local stores who can order the maps, dice, or minis for me. Are these still being made?

  4. I was told that the 3e items are no longer being made. Is this true?

The 3 part Venusian Apocalypse was for the previous edition (2nd) of Mutant Chronicles. It was and still is (only now it’s just one book) a Mutant Chronicles campaign. Cartel & Orbitals is the Cartel Sourcebook and as far as I know all the 3rd edition items are sitll being printed - only nothing new has been published for quite a long time.

I have the “Cartel Source Book”. It is 3rd edition. That is why I was asking about the “Cartel and Orbitals”.

Does anyone know why the stores that I go to can no longer order many of the items that I’m looking for? They say that they can’t order most of the 3rd edition stuff nor can they order the various items that I listed in the OP.

That may be down to the local distributors or shops depending on the country. Venusian Apocalypse 3e is PDF only (the whole range is available on PDF, too). You can also order maps and dice etc. from the Modiphius website. The Cartel and Orbitals books IS the Cartel book.
3e MC core rulebook is going for a second print run…

Theres an option for a Venusian Apocalypse POD on DrivethruRPG.

Don’t you dare just dot out on us with such a tease! There has to be a rough estimation on a print window. As much as i dislike buying something twice because of the amount of preventable errors, i really want this.
Besides several items in your shop are completely out for example the Dark Symmetry D20. I would love to use those as DM.

Thank you for all the answers so far.

Does anyone know what the difference is between the “Cartel Source Book” and the “Cartel and Orbitals”? As I’ve stated earlier, I have the Cartel Source Book. It is 3e.

There’s no difference - the book’s title was changed during production.

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lol Great. I already ordered it from the store I shop at.

Okay. Looks like most of the stuff I’m still needing or wanting is no longer available, even through Modiphius.

Hopefully they’ll make some more shirts, carry bags, dice sets of 14 and the 12-d6s.

I think that I have all of the books. Hopefully they make a 3e of the Venusian Apocalypse. - it is for 3e, but is only available in PDF, not print.