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Planetary Compendiums

While I appreciate the depth of information that exists for each planet, it is a bit annoying having to sift through each and every supplement just to find out what is on a planet and where it is in relation to other things. If I have freelancers on Venus for instance there are locations on the map but no indication of who they belong to in Canon and I have to go to each and every corp book to figure it out.

Does anyone have a compendium or a fan made list that compiles this information in any format?


I have not, but I support the idea. It would be a good reference, and maybe including material from the Warzone books (all editions) and the Mutant Chronicle novels, too.


Good idea! Hope the developers also read these topics…

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I wouldn’t expect any new products by Modiphius for Mutant Chronicles.
If such a compendium has any chance of being made, it will have to be a fan-project.


They announced more books for this year for Mutant Chronicles. I think you were on the other thread about it.

Have you looked to see if the Universal Index would help?

I had not thought to use that. I actually dont use 3rd editon stuff for the most part since I am not at all partial to the mechanic or what they did with parts of the storyline but that may work to compile a compendium. Ill give it a shot and I will see about producing some fan made products. I am not much for graphic design but I can collate information pretty damn well.

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Does anyone have any interest in collaborating to make some of these products?

I own a copy of most things ever made for the IP in hard copy and I have a lot of it digitally as well that I can source from.

If you have interest please just throw me a message and then we can rap about how we want to proceed.

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I think I can spend some time on this

You can find me on Discord at

awwww man… you couldn’t have just sent me a DM lol?

You have a DM from me waiting for you though

I think the Modiphius forum does not have a direct message feature. Or if so, I haven’t found it yet.

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Sorry, I should have been specific. I meant a DM in Discord. That would have been hard to accomplish though without a DM here. Anyhow I was just making a sassy joke; no seriousness in it

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