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Mutant Chronicles Character Creator

Origionally posted on the old forum by [ChristofferLundberg]

Hi folks!

We have moved the Mutant Chronicles Character Creator over to its own site. It can now be found at You’ll find that the Mishima and Imperial stuff from the source books are implemented. Next up, Capitol :slight_smile:

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As mentioned on the previous forums, there is a new online tool for MC being developed. Missing are Brotherhood, Imperial and Mutants supplements. It is going slow, with all the million other things in life one must do :slight_smile:


Status update: Brotherhood integration is nearly complete. Just need to sift through those events. Next up is Imperial.

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do you develop the tool on github or other version control system? i would like to contribute, if possible, even for testing.
In any case keep it up!


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Testing is always welcome, but it is not ready for that yet. Once Imperial is and Mutants is in, it is go.

The online character generator is a stonker! Cheers!

However, I’ve noticed a couple of issues …

  1. The Luna PD Iconic Career entry Difficulty is shown as ‘1’ on the generator, but it’s ‘2’ in the Player Guide and the Core Rulebook - have I missed an errata update?
  2. A couple of times that I spent Life Points (e.g. to take a 3rd career) they didn’t appear to be removed from the Life Point tally.


The Luna PD Detective is an Iconic Career, the Beat Cop isn’t :smiley: - if that helps

@SimonLandmine: You’ve probably tested the old generator. I am working on a new one.

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The new one is this one?
Or is there another?

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The new one is not up yet, due to it being unfinished. That is the old one. I will post here once the new one is complete and ready for beta testing.


Good news! May I have a suggestion? I really like how the Conan character generator works, meaning you can select which supplements you want to include. Can you include this feature to the MC app too?

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Hmm, was not originally going to, but I will see if I can incorporate that. It will take a while longer.

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Thank you so much!

Ah! Cheers!
(I did notice, on the old generator, that it doesn’t add all of the Events to the character sheet (just, I think, those with a game effect), so there’s not a complete list of all that the character’s been through in their lifepath.)

Thanks Bill. It was the Luna PD Detective Iconic Career that I was referring to - the difference in entry test Difficulty has an impact on the number of Life Points it costs to buy entry (or make it easier), and I was using the generator to build some pregens for a game (it’s really handy for that!), and wanted to be sure they were ‘legal’. (And also to be sure that my books were up to date!)

Fantastic news on a new MC character generator!

Let me know if you need help testing.

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Is the MC Character Generator that is currently live the ‘new’ one or the ‘old’ one? And do you want to know about any odd behaviour we’ve encountered with it?
(I had another spin through it for fun this evening. It does keep putting me into Imperial, but I suppose I do live in London, so … [grin])

It is the old one. Will post here once the new one is up.

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Awesome. Cheers - and thanks for all of your work on it! It’s much appreciated!

Thanks for the kind words!