Is Mutant Chronicles extinct?

So, I was wondering… There had not been much activity around MC3 for a while - yes I know the card decks that game out ealier this year - but otherwise. Even the Living Campaign seems to have gone AWOL…
Is this the end of Mutant Chronicles for Modiphius? Or is there more to come?
Rumour had it, that content was cut when the sourcebook was originally released - are there any plans to work om this content and release in some form? Or maybe a book of shorter adventures, the three campaigns are great, but they are massive and takes a lot of time to play…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that the Dark Soul gas not yet won and that the Light of the Cardinal, still brings hope to humanity…

But as I have been a MC fan since the 1990’s, it would also not be the first time my favorite RPG setting, is plunged into darkness…


I really hope Modiphius can show SOMETHING that’s been planned for the near future. I’m kind of hoping for a new setting Era, with FTL and a Galaxy to have adventures in. Sort of the natural next step, meet other alien races that either are fighting for or against the Dark Symmetry.


I would be glad, if they published the scenarios that got cut from the sourcebooks - especially the second half of the scenario in the Cartel book.

Regarding sourcebooks for background information I think we have all we ever need. But I rely on pre-made adventures most of the time, so having another campaign or two would be very welcome.


Unlike a lot of the games that came out in the 90s and since, Mutant Chronicles never really had a metastory to drive more products out or new editions. It’s always been Doomtroopers vs. Apostles in a never ending struggle for the blood and souls of mankind. We have all of that.

I’d be willing to buy another supplement, but outside of adventures I don’t know what it could contain. If you want aliens, add them. If you want angels, introduce them. If you want an exodus away from our solar system to escape, do that. I don’t need new books to inform my games (I’m kind of waiting for Conan to stop releasing books).

A vibrant player base is all a game needs to stay in print, not a perpetual release cycle. Though I wouldn’t say no to a vibrant living campaign. Six years ago, 1200 people brought Mutant Chronicles back into print. I wasn’t one of them, I didn’t know about it. But a tenth of that number is enough to organize our own living campaign if that’s what we want. So the question turns to what are GMs willing to do to promote the game?


This game is in a desperate need of a dedicated sourcebook for freelance, criminal and microcorp characters. We’ve got 6 sourcebooks dedicated to the main big corporations. They provide a lot of advantages to the characters coming from these corps, including but not limited to additional background options, careers and prestige careers, equipment and economy privileges.

Meanwhile, a statistical half of all player characters does not belong to the main corps. This puts them at a tremendous disadvantage, as they can’t enjoy any of the benefits of the main corporate PCs. All they’ve got going for themselves is the godawful ‘Under the radar’ trait, which is (essentially) just another penalty. This is an insult to injury.

There’s an entire facet of MC franchise that has not been explored properly. It could easily spawn at least one expansion, improve the gameplay balance and give the game a much-needed second wind.


What I missed most on this 3rd edition was the bits of fiction on the core and sourcebooks. Though there are some, they are mostly related to example NPCs with no relevance to the MC universe. I suppose not much can be done about it right now, except publishing some short story anthology or something similar, and I don’t think that will ever happen. But new scenarios would be welcome too.


I liked the fiction in the sidebars of the old editions, too.
And the three novels and the comics.
Mutant Chronicles is such a rich setting, that I cannot get enough of it.


This is the supplement I would like to see. When I first read the ‘Under the radar’ trait I thought ‘oh dear, that looks awful’ and made it optional so people could get legal stuff. Not being from a megacorp is such a disadvantage that I would suggest people either spend life points during character creation to guarantee it or join either the brotherhood or the freedom brigades (to become Capitolian).