Future of MC3 2022 and onwards

So due to recent briefings on Modi stopping the MC3 line, and hands the game to Cabinet; what do you see for the game in the future 2022 and onwards? Loving this game, and the urge to get hold of some information is a craving. I’m sure there are many more like myself concerning this matter. We can read about Warzone Eternal or some form of Warzone (old miniature wargame MC universe) is under development, so a future for MC is plausible.

Big questions:

Will there be a new edition, or will MC3 be continued?
Will MC still use 2d20 system, or will it be replaced by a new system?
Will new lore be kept (Whitestar) in future releases, or will it belong to Modi MC3?

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The answers to your questions will only be known to the Cardinal, but my guess:
New license holder means pretty much a new system. Unless Modiphius allowed the new holder to use the 2D20-system of Modiphius.


WIthout Modiphius holding the licence, I think this would be the end for MC3.
As mentioned by @Michael_Romanov, unless Modiphius licence the 2d20 system to the new licence holders, then the new licensees would have to use a different system.
As for the new lore, it depends whether that is now considered part of the MC setting licence, or whether that’s still Modiphius-only IP - which is all fine print stuff.

The Devil’s run use 2d20 and is published by Red scar publishing, so maybe they can continue using 2d20 if they can get a similar deal with Modiphius. I would love to see 3rd edition continuing.

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I just saw this and finding that there will be no more MC3 is horrifying to me. I am very sad, as MC3 is probably my favorite 2d20 game, and I have read the entire series of books through over and over. I would have killed for another edition.


There might be something “brewing” by other fans, but nothing until a phd has been gotten.


There may come another edition at some point, but that wouldn’t be a continuation of MC3, but another, separate edition, quite likely using a different mechanic.