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Modiphius, which game lines will continue to be supported?

Dear Modiphius,

Which game lines will continue to be supported over the next several years?

Although you primarily use freelance writers and artists, the number of 2d20 RPGs is ever expanding. To my knowledge you haven’t confirmed any closed or fully completed game lines. Perhaps Mutant Chronicles 3E, but that might be the only one.

You only have so much bandwidth. Which games are going to see substantial support in the coming years and which games are not?

I am sure that many of your customers would like some clarification on this topic, as they are invested in one or more of your first party RPGs.


I’m really hoping for a revision of MC3ed, it really needs the rules updated.

What I really would like to see is an adventure compilation for Mutant Chronicles 3, where all those often mentioned adventures are finally published, that were cut from the sourcebooks for space reasons.
Especially the second half of the scenario from the Cartel & Orbitals book, because the adventure is cut off right in the middle.

Regarding a rules revision of MC3, I don’t see much need for that. I really, really like the more detailed and less coarse grained rules in MC3 and Infinity (which I actually prefer, as they are much clearer written than MC3). The current trend to (over-)simplify the 2d20 system does usually not meet my rules granularity preferences (with the exception of STA where this fits the setting just right).


I am glad simpler 2d20 rules exist like those in Dishonored and John Carter, but I prefer the density of Mutant Chronicles and Infinity myself, even to Conan.

I do prefer that other games refine 2d20 continue to come out than “fix” the older ones. And some games, like Mutant Chronicles, Conan, and John Carter only need so many supplements. Rules bloat can kill a game very effectively, but if a newer game like Dishonored has a rule a Conan GM likes, it’s easy to apply it.

But an adventure compendium isn’t too much per setting. Even without dedicated staff writers, surely community submissions could fill a pdf book once a year per setting.


I guess it depends on the setting. Despite having a fixed set of skills, I always have a blast and marvel at how much flexibility those fixed skills of Conan for instance offer. Instead of those rather mushy fate approach of the newer 2D20 iterations, where you rather guesstimate on what attributes/abilities you roll.
My dream come true would be a book about a generic 2D20 which includes every aspect of any 2D20 iteration, so you could just chose the mechanics you prefer, if it’s chiseld in stone Conan like 2D20 or the more fatey STA and the likes.

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I still hope for more Dishonored stuff, even if it were only smaller scenario pdfs or so