The end of Conan 2d20, new setting-system beginnings?

As stated here, the Conan line is ending spring 2023.

I was curious to know, since this system is my favorite 2d20 system, being sword and sandals, does Modiphius have any Franchises planned with similar Crunch level to take Conan 2d20’s place?

I would happily KS it as i did with Conan.

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As the more recent 2d20 RPGs don’t have this level of detail, I would expect the upcoming ones to be as detailed as Conan 2d20 (or Infinity or MC3).

The next closest release is Cohors Cthulhu. Which given it is Romans will definitely be Swords & Sandals, though maybe not quite as you are hoping.
As Frank says Modiphius has moved away from the crunchy side in it’s more recent lines, though as Cohors is tying in to a wargame as well it will probably still be more crunchy than most of the recent releases.

I did pick up the digital version of Fallout 2d20 and having read through it, i realize i wouldn’t ever be a GM of the system due to my lack of interest in source material (the heresy!), but, especially now with the SRD released…

Here’s hoping for a Science Fantasy setting/system, based on a long book franchise.

All the best to Modiphius in the new year!

For myself I’d like to see a traditional fantasy setting like we used to have with original D&D. Not the over developed fully fleshed universes that followed such as Forgotten Realms or Golarion. I mean worlds are wonderful things. But when you have them, setting specific items begin to insert themselves into basic character builds. I mean I can build a 5e or PF character for a private setting, but you still have to constantly decouple item names (spells, etc), creature/monster premises and such.

I’d love a RPG book that establishes characters/archetypes, weapons/armor/equipment and magic/spells/prayer without the additional baggage so one could more easily make everything from dungeon crawls, to cross country quests to exploring. The Conan RPG combat encounters were far more fun than any D&D/PF style game I have played in the last 20 years. It only lacked a high fantasy style non-ritualistic magic system.

I think a “generic” core rule set allowing people with very little time to just build an adventuring party would do well. It can be followed by a filled out “setting” if it takes off. But there are a lot of use that like to play a sword swinging RPG without needing to “learn” a major chunk of lore. I own multiple 2d20 settings will probably never play many of them because either I or most of the people I play with do not know the lore well enough. And frankly are not too interested in learning it. Conan was great because you could simply run it as a regular fantasy adventure game, though the lack of a fast magic system was usually mentioned by players that wanted a traditional RPG spellcaster. But the way 2d20 busts combat and other conflict out into some of the best cinematic action is too fun to be ignored.


Im working on something right now that would be setting agnostic. Dont know when it will get posted to DriveThruRPG. I might post it just to get some playtest out of it

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